Counselling and psychotherapy

For individuals and couples seeking to:

Please contact me if you are interested in individual or couples counselling or psychotherapy.

Clinical supervision and professional support

For health professionals, social workers, psychotherapists, counsellors, clergy, and other social sector workers seeking to develop, support, enhance, or improve:

Please contact me if you are interested in clinical supervision or professional support.

Leadership coaching

For managers of social service organisations seeking to develop their effectiveness as leaders and managers of people and organisations.

Please contact me if you are interested in leadership coaching for managers.


Turn is here to help you identify and resolve a wide range of personal and professional problems:


If you worry excessively, find it difficult to relax, have difficulty concentrating, suffer from stomach problems, experience panic attacks, or find it difficult to sleep, you may suffer from Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD). If you experience ongoing distress and worry, talk to me about it.


If you have ever made mistakes at a job because of drug use or drinking, used a drug without knowing what it was, been scared by the thought you were running out of drugs, been arrested or hospitalised because of your drug or alcohol use, or hurt your relationships through the use of drugs or alcohol, you may be addicted. If you can’t stop taking drugs or control your drinking, talk to me about it.


If you experience persistent low, sad, irritable, or depressed mood, decreased energy, tiredness, and fatigue, thoughts of worthlessness or guilt, disturbed sleep, a change in appetite, or loss of interest and pleasure in your usual activities, you may be suffering from depression. If a low mood affects how you feel and behave for days or weeks at a time, talk to me about it.


Experiencing difficulties with your significant other can seriously affect every part of your life, including work, family, social life, home life, or even alone time. If you want to improve the strength and resilience of your relationships, talk to me about it.


Birth parents, adoptees, adoptive parents, and other family members all experience their own unique feelings related to adoption. These may include feelings of loss, grief, confusion, bewilderment, loss of control, shame, inferiority, aloneness, unanswered questions, worries about intimacy, anger, and other emotions. If your wellbeing has been adversely affected by adoption, talk to me about it.


Although everyone at some time experiences loss and grieving, the ways in which it affects us are often unique to the individual and can be extremely painful. The stress of grief may produce many kinds of unexpected emotions and even physical reactions, and you may come to feel that you will never recover from the loss. If you wonder how you are going to carry on, talk to me about it.